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What a great story, in America anything is possible with a little but of support and guidance. we hear so many people say I wish i had that, or i wish i was like him or her, well everyone you need to realize that the youth of america is guided by us the adults, and this is one story that proves with a bit of help, a bit of knowledge (which is obtainable online these days) anything is possible. Oceanna Lilly with the help of a small loan and guidance father started her first business at 10 years old, YES TEN YEARS OLD! Oceanna runs and operates OCG Phones and a host of other ne sites being added like Chargers Cheap and Cases Cheap which are all being launched in Jan 2016.

The business model is promoting safe and secure buying through ebay and paypal for cell phone accessories at cheap prices. Oceanna works her business every weekend and 2 days after school and homework with her dad heading it up the rest of the time. So far in her first month she has made over $3,500.00 in sales and has now begun the process of a new corporation structure as she expands to buy back merchandise for cell phones and ipods and apple phones refurbished.

Oceanna’s father Chris said, since OC was young she had a fascination with phones, she actually asked for her first cell phone at age 6 but obviously she was denied LOL but she was given one on her 8th birthday with limited usage. So form here she saved her allowance and wanted an iphone 5c then a 6 then a 6 plus so I knew she loved phones, she also always watched me at work as i work for myself and asked so many questions about what I do so i asked her would you like to have a business? She said in fast format YES, and OCG phones was born.

The purpose of her having a business at a young age was really to teach her life lessons in management of herself other people customers and money. She gets a small allowance to herself a % of gross and the rest goes to her savings account, college fund, charity and new supplies and stock. Oceanna wanted to donate a % of her proceeds to help needy children so this is how the structure works for her business. We are wishing her the best of luck and hope you all will too,c ome see her atOCG Phones and on Facebook OCG Phones or Twitter OCG Phones

Oceanna Lilly OCG Phones